1999: No 6-10

- No 6

P. Evesque: On Jaky Constant of Oedometers, Rowe’s Relation and Incremental Modelling pages 1-9, Abstract

P. Evesque: Topology of Roscoe’s- and Hvorslev’s- Surfaces in the Phase Space of Soil Mechanics : pages 10-16, Abstract

- No 7

P. Evesque: Stress propagation in granular media: Breaking of any constitutive state equation relating local stresses together by a change of boundary conditions pages 1-18, Abstract

- No 8

P. Evesque: On undrained test using Rowe’s relation and Incremental Modelling: Generalisation of the notion of Characteristic State pages 1-11, Abstract

- No 9

P. Evesque: A Simple Incremental Modelling of Granular-Media Mechanics pages 1-12, Abstract

P. Evesque: Statistical mechanics of granular media: An approach à la Boltzmann pages 13-19, Abstract

- No 10

P. Evesque: Three Comments on "A Simple Incremental Modelling of Granular-Media Mechanics" pages 1-5, Abstract

P. Evesque: A Micro-mechanical Modelling of the Pressure Dependence of the Void Index of a Granular Assembly: pages 6-16, Abstract