A Micro-mechanical  Modelling of the Pressure Dependence of the Void Index of a Granular Assembly:


P. Evesque: Lab MSSM, UMR 8579 CNRS, Ecole Centrale Paris, 92295 Châtenay-Malabry, France, evesque@mssmat.ecp.fr


Abstract: This paper models the increase of density of a virgin loose granular sample submitted to a progressive compression (either isotropic or anisotropic) as an irreversible process which destroys the larger voids; a statistical mechanics approach similar to the one proposed by Boutreux & de Gennes is performed which leads to the equation of the density of normally consolidated states as a function of pressure; this equation is in agreement with experimental data and the typical variation of e (void index) or v (specific volume) vs. ln(p) .


poudres & grains 10, 6-16,  (20 décembre 1999)