On the Editorial Policy in Science: Quelques problèmes « censurés » de « micro-nano » fluidique granulaire en micro gravité


P. Evesque : Lab. MSSMat,  UMR 8579 CNRS, Ecole Centrale Paris ; 92295 CHATENAY-MALABRY, France, e-mail: pierre.evesque@ecp.fr


Abstract: This paper was planned to be published late in 2007, i.e. poudres & grains 16 (4), 67-70 (Décembre 2007). The title corresponds to a talk I presented in 2007 at GDR MFA. I have censured the publication till now, probably because it was not sounding “politically correct”. I publish it now adding some sentences making it more up-to-date to show how things go in “granular physics science”. Please read also the next reading note before concluding.



poudres & grains 19 (3), 12-16 (Novembre 2011)