Relation entre une cendre volante silico-alumineuse et son charbon


P. Adamiec, J.C. Bénézet, A. Benhassaine, Ecole des Mines d’Alès 6, Avenue de Clavières 30319 ALES Cedex, e-mail:



The fly-ashes are typical complex solids which incorporate at the same time intrinsic properties with the layers (spectra mineralogical and dimensional spectra varied) and major transformations generated by the processes of development. To use fly-ashes in various applications, it is initially necessary to carry out a complete characterization of those. The first research to date carried out on the silico-aluminous fly-ashes in order to characterize them from the point of view physical, morphological, chemical and mineralogical resulted in saying that they are materials of a relative simplicity. To make this study, a silico-aluminous fly ash coming from the power station of Albi was selected. Heat treatments (450°C and 1200°C) made it possible to simulate the treatment undergone by coal in the power stations in order to be able to identify the residues. The diversity of the particles contained in ash could be explained by the relation existing between a fly ash and its coal of origin.


Pacs # : 05-70.-a, S 06, 07.85.Jy, S 81.05.Rm, 81.20.Ev, 81.30.Dz

poudres & grains 15 (3), 35-46 (octobre 2005)