Shaken sand, stress and test particles   


J. Villain , Theory group, ESRF, 6 Rue Jules Horowitz, 38000 Grenoble;


Abstract :

The definition of a stress tensor in shaken granular materials is difficult because the local properties change much in space and time. It is shown that in a stationary regime a definition of a standard form can be given at least in the case of a simple geometry (parallelepiped container, infinite along two dimensions, no symmetry breaking). In that case the stress is shown to be uniform. The quantities P+ and P- introduced by Evesque are found to be relevant to describe the force acting on a heavy test particle.



Pacs # : 5.40 ; 45.70 ; 62.20 ; 83.70.Fn


poudres & grains 20 (2), 29-36 (Juillet 2012)